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AmberKoko Allen

"My name is ‘Amber Koko’ Allen, I am a visual artist and a graphic designer. I am calm yet chaotic, a little bit obsessive, and a perfectionist at heart. My art is a visual expression of my character and an abstract extension of my life. My mission is to encourage and uplift others through art. "Beauty from Chaos," is my mantra! I create perfectly imperfect pieces of artwork. My greatest triumphs have been a result of overcoming the hardest moments in my life. I reflect these sentiments in every piece of art that I create.



I launched Chaotic Koko to share my story and uplift  women with my art. Art was my therapy when I hit rock bottom as a young girl fresh out of college. It was from a place of struggle that pushed me to overcome the obstacles and art was the catalyst. Now I want to use my creativity, voice, and my story to inspire and uplift other women like myself. That is why I launched 'Chaotic Koko’ in 2020. My ultimate goal is to use my art, my voice, and my story to connect and inspire the hearts of others.


Chaotic Koko is for the entrepreneur, the creative, the art lover, the fashionista, the beauty blogger, the naturalista, and the dreamer. Chaotic Koko is for people who dare to live their dreams. If this is you then you are in the right place. To stay up to date with blogs, merchandise, new artwork, print sales, events, and design services.

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