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2020, Oh My! It was Chaotic Perfection

By: Amber Nicole

Welcome to Chaotic Koko, Art and Lifestyle Brand. Chaotic Koko is an art and lifestyle brand created by Amber Nicole, visual artist and graphic designer. I launched my brand at such a delicate yet opportune time. It has always been my goal to use my art, my voice, and my story to inspire others. It just made sense to launch my brand at such a time as this.

2020 came in like a lion, LITERALLY! We battled a global pandemic as Covid-19 shut down everything worldwide, the death of Chadwick Bosman had us crying “Wakanda Forever”, and political tensions were at an all time high. Racial unrest stirred as we marched for Black Lives. Oh! and let’s not forget the murder hornets that made their rounds across the country! Despite all of the chaos and turmoil that came with 2020, there was beauty that shined through all of the chaos; frontline workers risked their own lives to protect and keep our country running. People of all races, beliefs, and religions took to the streets to march for justice and family quality time was at an all time high. This year was a perfect example of “chaotic perfection.”

As our world remains at a stand still, it's important to find the beauty that shined through all of the chaos; like hearing governors asking pastors to pray for our land, the goodwill of people banding together, the earth healing itself, and the creativity that kept us sane as we are urged to social distance. Oh! And let us not forget how Netflix became our greatest ally throughout all of this! Binge watching the newest Netflix craze like Tiger King, Married at First Sight, You, Lovecraft Country, and my newest craze Bridgerton (Yes! Shonda has done it again!) There are so many positive things to hold onto in the midst of the chaos. It was Chaotic Perfection, to say the least!

Chaotic Perfection is the main premise behind my brand because it truly fits my own story. My own personal journey up to this point has been nothing short of chaotic perfection. My journey came with bumps, detours, and struggles. Struggles that did not break me! My life was not perfect, but the struggle only sparked my drive to succeed even more.

About ten years ago, I was on top of the world. I had successfully completed an internship at a fashion company in NYC. I displayed my first body of artwork at my Senior Art Exhibition at Rosemont College. To top it off, I ended my Senior year parading around my beautiful campus in a cap and gown, surrounded by family, friends, my college sweetheart and his family. It was a pivotal day of my life. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (with an emphasis in graphic design) in hand, I was ready to take on the world. Life could only get better from there!! Or so I thought! I would have never imagined that my life would take a major turn shortly after. I ended up trading in my paintbrush and my MACBook Pro for diapers and a stroller. Commuting to NYC from NJ everyday for work was not going to work out very well with a newborn baby at home. On top of it, landing a job during the recession of 2010 was not going very well for me.

No! I did not land a job in graphic design with a big fashion magazine (but I started my own freelance design business), like I had dreamed of. I didn’t get the job designing advertisements and flyers for both on and off Broadway shows (like I had interviewed for). That opportunity to intern with a (rising) fashion designer (whose dresses were worn by Beyonce and Alicia Keys), fell to the wayside. Instead, I ended up with no career, no job, and a bun in the oven. I was left wondering where my life was going to take me. With a failing relationship (with my college sweetheart) and no potential for a job in my field; I ended up having to put my passion and my dream on the backburner. I had to find myself, and create a new path for myself. Although nothing great was happening for me in my life at this point; I knew that I hadn’t come this far to fail. I knew that the lessons learned will only make me stronger in the end.

I had to completely start over and transform my life one day at a time. After 10 years of hard work and dedication, I can look back and see the beauty that happened through all of the chaos that I endured! No my path was not straight and easy, I really had to work for what I wanted. I learned valuable life lessons and It prepared me for such a time as this! I can say in the past few years, I crossed off so many huge milestones in my life. I completed my dual teaching certification and landed a job teaching right away. I graduated with my Masters degree in Education (June 2018), got engaged to my college sweetheart, and married him two months later. We closed on our first home two days before our wedding day. Life came full circle up to this point! I crossed so many accomplishments off my list; it is only right that I get back to my dream and my passion! That is why I launched this brand, Chaotic Koko, on March 18, 2020.

Through all of the chaos, I want to bring some light into the world. I want to use this platform to inspire and motivate others to live their dreams no matter what obstacles stand in their way! I want to share my art, my voice, and my story...and collaborate with others along the way!

Chaotic Koko is for the entrepreneur, the creative, the art lover, the fashionista, the beauty blogger, the naturalista, and the dreamer. For the men and women who pave their own way. Who are perfectly imperfect and don’t let their past define their future. Chaotic Koko is for people who dare to live their dreams. I know there are so many people out there who like myself had to overcome the impossible to get to their dreams. If this is you then you are in the right place. Let’s grow together! Let’s make 2021 the year of our dreams!

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Happy New Year!

~Love Koko

“She is chaotic perfection!”


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