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MP is a group of six women, vibrant personalities, different styles, and varying viewpoints in one podcast. For this branding project the clients didn’t want just any other branding package. The clients wanted the branding to visually represent the essence of their group dynamic. Six vibrant, empowered women sharing their stories,breaking down stereotypes, discussing social and cultural stigmas, and sharing their own personal spiritual journeys.


MP podcast wanted to channel the essence of their group dynamic into a vibrant and inviting brand that would attract and resonate with teens and young adults from various backgrounds. Not only did they want to attract a specific audience, they wanted to stand out in the podcast community with bold, clean, and sleek designs and marketing materials.

Complete Brand Guide


Primary & Secondary Logo Design

Mood Board including Brand Fonts & Brand Colors 

Digital Marketing Materials including....

Social Media Marketing Tiles

T-shirt Designs

Journal Design

Website Design

Creative Direction for Brand Photoshoot 



The podcast was named after my first Art exhibition,  Miss Perceptions. The purpose of this series was to highlight strong beautiful confident women who were more than what others perceived them to be. Our group of women highlighted this concept and brought my vision back to life in a new way.

As lead designer and member of Miss Perceptions Podcast, I designed the complete brand and marketing materials for the podcast. Acting as creative director of our brand photo shoot I collaborated with photographer Aryana Sederati to create the overall  look, style, and vibe of the entire shoot.  Our shoot was filled with color and personality bursting at the seams in a small coffee shop in Asbury Park, NJ.

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