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Creating a cohesive brand identity is important for any business, and I understand the power of branding in creating a lasting impression on customers. My designs are not only visually appealing but also convey the essence of the business. I specialize in creating brand identities for creative entrepreneurs that are not only unique but also memorable and timeless. I offer a wide range of services that cater to businesses of all sizes. From start-ups to established brands, I'm here to help you create a strong foundation for your brand.



Six women, vibrant personalities, different styles, and varying viewpoints in one podcast. For this branding project the clients didn’t want just any other branding package. The clients wanted the branding to visually represent the essence of their group dynamic. Six vibrant, empowered women sharing their stories, breaking down stereotypes, discussing social and cultural stigmas, and sharing their own personal spiritual journeys. Click below to learn more. 



Konkret Comics is a 2X Glyph Award Winning comic book publishing company making waves in the indie comic book scene. Konkret Comics came to life in 2019. Derek 'Lonzo Starr' Allen, CEO of Konkret Comics transitioned from music to comics and is ready to build an creative empire including comics, music, movies, video games, and more. As a designer, Have been designing for the Konkret empire since its first logo design and placed it on a t-shirt In created in 2005. The Konkret Muzik T-Tshirt and became a signature tee around the Philadelphia area. Konkret brand continues to thrive and is now dubbed the  "Marvel of Black Indie Comics." Click below to learn more.



Evidence and Equity is a group of six young melanated public health researchers who are passionate about amplifying the voices and promoting health equity for our communities. The ladies of Evidence and Equity wanted their branding to feel bold, eye-catching, straightforward, and minimalistic. They wanted something engaging while maintaining a sleep professional look so that they would be able to stand in spaces that potential investors and partners would respect. Click the "view" button to learn more about how I made this brand come to life. 



Personal Project. 

Coming Soon

ARTZ 2.0

Artz 2.0 is the personal brand of Jahvon “Artz” Ross. Artz was looking for a clean, black and white, futuristic design for the brand in which he highlights many topics such as; media sports, travel, and motivation. Click “view” to learn more about how I brought his vision to life. 

We would love to work with you to design a branding strategy that reflects your unique style and vision. Click the below to contact us.

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